A Washington DC-based promoter, Andrew Rome just dropped $300,000 JMD worth of scholarships to his homeland Jamaica in an effort to give back to the country.

The students that will benefit from this are Leo Taylor of Herbert Morrison High School, Abigaye Mckane of St Mary High School and Fabian Morris of Jamaica College. Andrew Rome who promotes the Rome Party which is now being held in The Washington DC area was elated and humbled about being able to give back to his country. Andrew stated that “it is a blessing to be in a position to give back to my country, especially to the three recipients who are all amazing students, big up to the Washington DC area (DMV) Dance Hall Community for supporting the Rome Party”

Andrew also stated that he would like to expand the list from 3 kids to 6 kids after the staging of the next party slated for December, 28, 2019. “I think that unfortunately overseas dance hall parties are only known for their extravagance, the champagne showers, the high end fashion, flossing etc, my goal is to change that perception.”When asked what the feedback has been in DC about his good deeds and Rome responded, “Mostly positive, Ive received so much love from the DMV Dancehall community that it’s almost scary, there are more people that want to see me win than people who don’t want me to win. I’ll eventually give it all back and even that won’t be enough for some people to appreciate what I’m doing, but what can you do? it’s human nature .. people are uncomfortable with or afraid of things they do not understand, it’s easier for them to hate than to be inspired or be motivated. My goal is to help, inspire and motivate people.. giving back is one of the best feelings in the world.”