Re-joining the Swoosh brand’s burgeoning ACG subsidiary next will be the cult classic Wildwood silhouette, a mid-90s marvel that carries design language ripe with notes that fit into Nike ACG family as well as its revered Sportswear line. Ready for the streets as well as the trail, Wildwood equips a rugged traction pattern as well as a reinforced toebox while boasting an aesthetic that sits somewhere in between that of the Air Max 90 and the Air Max Light. Meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia onto avid ACG followers, Nike is rolling out three new colors of the Wildwood, giving those the option between a primarily white iteration with red and navy flair, and two predominantly black pairs, with one opting to keep it that way and the other calling upon a retro-inspired combo of purple and green. Those looking to add these resurgent Wildwoods to their trail-ready lineup will be able to do so upon their arrival at global ACG stockists in the US on January 24th and Europe on February 21st. The kicks will retail for $120.

The kicks can be viewed below.