T.I. is standing in solidarity with Chris Brown after the singer denied rape allegations that were made in Paris, France.

According to an impromptu interview with TMZ published today (Jan. 23), Tip says that he believes the embattled singer’s side of the story at face value, and that Brown is innocent until proven guilty. After establishing his support for C. Breezy on social media, the Atlanta rapper says that he hasn’t seen any hard evidence to convince him that the French woman who made the rape allegations is telling the truth.

“It’s just peculiar,” T.I. said as he was leaving LAX in Los Angeles. “I believe him. I mean I know him personally and I don’t know her. There haven’t been any facts to… overwhelming facts to show me that what he’s saying is not true so I’m going to believe him. The climate of society right now is empowering victims, which is phenomenal. For women to have a voice to speak out against perpetrators, that’s phenomenal but y’all gotta also realize that it’s also arming people who have malicious intent and vindictive natures to go after people undeservedly. Like there’s a flip side.” After he was arrested in Paris, Brown was released with no charges. Once he was a free man, Brown went on his Instagram page and denied allegations that he raped a woman last week in France. The Grammy-winning artist posted an image with the words “This Bitch Is Lyin!” written on a photo.