Now that fans have had sufficient time to really absorb J. Cole’s latest release “Middle Child,” they have come up with theories in the interpretation of some of his lyrics, claiming that he has fired shots at Drake, Pusha T & Kanye West with these lines:

“This watch came from Drizzy, he gave me a gift/Back when the rap game was prayin’ I’d diss/They act like two legends cannot coexist/But I’d never beef with a nigga for nothin’/But I’d never beef with a nigga for nothin’/If I smoke a rapper, it’s gon’ be legit.

“It won’t be for clout, it won’t be for fame/It won’t be ’cause my shit ain’t sellin’ the same/It won’t be to sell you my latest lil’ sneakers/It won’t be ’cause some nigga slid in my lane,” he raps.

Fans are also speculating that this Tweet from Pusha T was in response to J. Cole’s lyrics

“You tried, you failed,” the G.O.O.D. Music president tweeted on Wednesday (January 23). “I’m hearing you wanna try again, this time I’m not gonna play with you, any of you.”

But whether there is any truth to these fan theories is still left to be seen.