Support for Chris Brown was the highest it has been in a while, in the past week, when the singer was accused of rape by a woman in Paris.

The situation was questionable, to say the least, as there were so many holes in the woman’s story that the police released Chris Brown after questioning him.

Chris Brown has vehemently denied that there is any truth in the allegation and fans and the social media community have rallied around him in support, saying that the woman is just another person out to get Chris Brown’s purse.

This support may have now been rescinded after Brown decided to release merchandise making fun of his accuser. Brown’s clothing line Black Pyramid has released two new t-shirts with the phrase “This B***h Lyin” emblazoned on the front. One shirt is plain black with bold white lettering and the other features a printed picture of Mona Lisa. Both t-shirts also have the Black Pyramid logo and are sold at $38.00 each.

While there is no indication of whether Brown is innocent or not, the shirts are considered insensitive to actual rape victims, whose accusers wrongfully denies the claims and shames the victim.