35-year-old Michael Jacobshagen is accusing Michael Jackson of molesting him when he was a child.

Jacobshagen, who shared a friendship with Michael Jackson during his childhood, is now saying that he only realized that their relationship was inappropriate after he became a father.
“I’m almost the same age now Michael was when he met me. If I was to share a bed with a child, this would not be right. It is not normal and it’s not right.

According to Jacobshagen, Michael Jackson would strip naked to share the jacuzzi with him, always wanted him to sleep in his bed and touched him inappropriately while they shared a bed.
“He was always asking me to sleep in his bed. I would say, ‘No Michael, I can sleep in my own suite’, but he was saying ‘Please, please… for Michael Jackson.’”

He went on the say that Jackson once gave him a book ‘full of photos of naked boys’.”
“I found it strange. He said ‘This is one of my favourite books’ and he wrote personal notes inside,” he stated. “In one he called me ‘his special friend’ and his ‘rubba rubba friend’ because of what used to happen in the bed.”

Jacobshagen published a book in 2013 called, “Will You Be My Friend,” where, according to the book’s description, he detailed “marvelous experiences with Michael Jackson in a profoundly open and personal manner.”

His allegations come on the heels of the premiere of the controversial documentary “Leaving Neverland,” in which two other men claim that they were molested by the King of Pop.