R. Kelly has reportedly completed a new album. His biggest problem however, is that he has no one to distribute the project seeing as though RCA dropped the artist earlier this month.

According to a new report from Billboard, Kelly is currently on the hunt for a new distributor, and the search doesn’t appear to be going as well as the R&B singer would like. “It’s possible the release won’t hit the market as soon as hoped,” a source told Billboard.

A representative from Spotify also confirmed that Kelly will not be able to release the project on its streaming platform at this time either because the “direct-upload” feature is currently in testing mode.

As previously reported, RCA dropped R. Kelly in Jan. 2019, following the explosive docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, which discussed the years of alleged sexual abuse against black women and girls. The singer’s last studio album, 12 Nights of Christmas was released in 2016, but he has dropped a few singles via his SoundCloud account.

R. Kelly’s upcoming album is believed to be titled Born to Music. It doesn’t not have an official release, as he continues to look for a distributor.