Cardi B just debuted a new Pepsi commercial on Twitter on Thursday (Feb. 10), and it is absolutely hilarious, okurrttt?!

The 30-second clip starts with a man requesting a Coke while sitting in a diner booth. “Is Pepsi okay,” the waitress asks in response. Eavesdropping on the man and waitress’ conversation, Cardi B interjects: “Did you just ask if Pepsi is Okurrr?”

Of course, no one seems to understand what the Bronx native is trying to say. The people in the diner then go back and forth trying to mutter the word before they are interrupted by the slurping from the original man. The ad concludes with Cardi commending the customers while her No. 1 single “I Like It” plays in the background.

See ad below:

Cardi B’s new Pepsi commercial will officially air during the Grammys on Feb. 10.