Beauty Marks Entertainment “where Music intersects with Film, Fashion, Technology & Philanthropy” is a label owned and created by Ciara.

Speaking to Billboard, Ciara explained that the label was created as a vehicle to achieve all her ambitions. “It definitely encompasses all things for me as it relates to my work world — everything from music releases, the label side of it, to the management side of it,” She said. “[…] The idea of ownership is really important to me and that’s what this phase is about.”

According to reports, Ciara’s husband Russell Wilson purchased the masters to Ciara’s music and gifted them to her as a means to kickstart her own label. The generous gift means Ciara now has full control over her music and the rest of her releases going forward now that they will be housed under her own label.

“There have been moments in the past when I’ve felt creatively handicapped just because I have to wait for the powers that be to make the decisions for me and then they take a long time,” Ciara explained to Billboard. […] When you feel like you have something that’s creatively distinctive, you want to be able to get it out there at the right time. So being able to have that freedom and flexibility is so special.”

Ciara’s upcoming single “Greatest Love,” drops on February 12th and will be released under BME.