Lil Pump has joined the growing list of celebrities who are boycotting Gucci.

The 18-year-old rapper took to Instagram on Wednesday to condemn the Italian label over its blackface scandal. Gucci has received major backlash in recent days for a knitwear design that evoked racist imagery. The black balaclava sweater featured a large mouth cut-out that was framed by cartoonish red lips, similar to those seen on anti-black caricatures popularized during the Jim Crow era.

“Hey listen, with all that shit going on with Gucci. I am not supporting that shit,” Pump said in an Instagram Live broadcast. “All that racist shit, no sir! No, sir!”

Though Pump insists he will no longer support the fashion house, he said he will not retire his 2017 breakout single “Gucci Gang.”

“That done song changed my life,” he told fans. “That’s the only reason why I will keep performing that song, ’cause that’s the song that changed my life. I went from broke to rich to that song. So, you know, it is what it is.”