Ja Rule isn’t ready to give up his dreams of creating an iconic music festival. Despite the disaster that ensued due to 2017’s horrific Fyre Festival, Ja Rule hinted at trying to put on another music event similar to it, but under a different name.

TMZ caught up with the rapper at LAX on Thursday (Feb. 14), where he talked about the failed festival. When asked whether he took a peek at the two documentaries about the festival on Hulu and Netflix, Ja admitted he had not seen either of them. “I lived it, man. I ain’t got to watch it,” he noted. “It’s not funny to me, man. It’s heartbreaking to me. It’s something that I really really wanted to be special and amazing. It didn’t happen that way.”

Ja isn’t all tears though. The rapper recently debuted his Iconn app, which is essentially a celebrity entertainment booking & concierge service. The app is similar to the one that was originally attached to the festival.

“In the midst of chaos, there’s opportunity,” he said. “It is the most iconic festival that never was. So I have plans to create the Iconic Music Fest, but you didn’t hear it from me.”