It is now a norm for fans and critics to make comparisons between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, often criticizing one or the other and when Cardi B won the Grammy for Best Rap Album, numerous critics were of the opinion that other artists, Nicki Minaj included, were more deserving of the honor.

Mary J. Blige was asked her opinion on this, as an experienced music icon, during an interview on The View and from her perspective, all female artists should be celebrated without the drama. “We’ve suffered enough amongst a male-dominated society, a male-dominated business, and we’ve suffered enough amongst each other,” she explained. “So when you see us trying to do something, at at least try to bring us together, at least try to lift us up together.”

She affirms that there is enough success out there to satisfy everyone’s aspirations. “Why can’t she have her moment?” she concluded, in reference to Cardi B.