A baby was recently born on a Jet Blue aircraft during a flight from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale.

Following the incident, Jet Blue released a statement thanking medical personnel for their quick action and revealed that the name of the aircraft was actually “Born to be Blue.”

“We’d like to thank the crew and medical professionals on board for their quick action under pressure, and wish the new mother and son all the best. Flight 1954 was operated on aircraft N523JB, coincidentally named, ‘Born To Be Blue,’” JetBlue’s corporate communications manager Jennifer Dang told NBC 6 in a statement on Saturday.

Jet Blue also tweeted that they would like to rename the aircraft “Born to be Blue” after their youngest customer.
“Giving storks a day off. With mom’s okay, we’d like to rename “Born To Be Blue” after our newest baby blue and our youngest customer ever. More baby shower gifts to come! #AirBorn,” JetBlue wrote.