21 Savage’s mission to provide tools on financial literacy for the youth is picking up steam. On Wednesday (Feb. 27), the award-winning rapper rolled out the “21 Savage Bank Account Campaign” in partnership with Get Schooled and Juma.

The initiative, aimed at teenagers, will provide young people with a series of tips on how to make the most of their money to solidify a better financial future. There will also be a platform available to those who have questions about budgeting and other money-related saving techniques.

From now until May, a series of courses will be available online that’ll provide the necessary information and resources to make the most of your money through savings, investing and more. “While my #1 song was called bank account, growing up, I knew almost nothing about bank accounts,” Savage said in a press release. “As I have gotten smarter about financial management, I realize how empowering it is to control your money rather than be controlled by it. I want to help kids with a background similar to mine to get smart about their money.”

Beginning in March, Savage also plans to promote a “bank-opening event” that’ll gift 150 youth Juma employees in Atlanta a $100 to deposit for their bank accounts. The “A Lot” rapper has donated $15,000 to the cause.