Paris Jackson, MJ’s daughter, has not made any public comments about the controversial documentary on her father, “Leaving Neverland” but according to The Sun, she is “devastated” by it.

Paris Jackson has been building an acting career and despite her talent in the field, she reportedly believes that the allegations made in Leaving Neverland will derail her rise. Obviously, she’s likely also upset about how her father’s legacy continues to be tarnished but the publication notes that producers and casting directors may not hire her in their movies because of Leaving Neverland. “She was in a movie last year but believes the documentary is already scaring directors away because the abuse her father is accused of may put moviegoers off her,” allegedly said a source.

The documentary has been ordered on a global scale and it will begin being aired in international markets this week. Hopefully, Paris can continue to see her career in film and television flourish despite all the drama the documentary has rehashed.