Tyrese might be starring in an upcoming Marvel spinoff called Morbius based on a Spider-Man villain.

Writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane created Morbius in 1971 for “The Amazing Spider-Man #101.” The comic depicted a scientist who attempted to cure himself of a blood disease. In an experiment-gone-wrong, he adopted traits of a vampire such as fangs and a thirst for blood. Naturally, after causing mayhem across the city, he crossed paths with Spider-Man. Morbius appeared in Marvel Comics and was revived in the 1992 series “Morbius, the Living Vampire.”

Earlier on Tuesday (Mar. 5), Tyrese revealed that he created his own comic book, entitled Mayhem. “The comic created in collaboration with Meltdown Comics, features a black superhero,” Tyrese wrote in a post on Instagram. “People complained that we don’t have enough black superheroes? I decided to fix it and I did it with some of the most legendary and iconic comic book artist to ever exist…”

Tyrese is definitely keeping busy this year. He is also set to star as R&B legend Teddy Pendergrass in an upcoming biopic.