In the heat of the “Leaving Neverland” controversy, Vybz Kartel has hopped up on Instagram to publicly show his support for Michael Jackson by declaring his love for the icon.

“I love michael jackson down to the ground him walk pon. and i dont apologise for it #ForeverMichaelJackson me, Adidja Palmer aka “cakesoap jackson” aka ‘Worlboss’ aka ‘worlgreat” aka “vybzkartel” says that,” Vybz Kartel wrote in the description of an old video of Michael Jackson doing an interview.

However, this did not sit well with a few of his fans, some of whom began to question Kartel’s stance on the issue.

“Only God can come and tell me Kartel write that caption,” one fan wrote.
“Why? cause you f*** man?” Kartel responded to this.

“Me a gaza fan but this caption bun off yyyyy, a couldn’t Mr. Palmer a use him account kiss my teeth,” another fan wrote.
To which Kartel responded saying, “Them boy a hide an s**k hood don’t pay him no mind.”

Other fans used this opportunity to demonstrate their loyalty to the dancehall king.

“Kartel alone can say him love a next man and nobody can say a thing about it world boss,” one fan said.

“Am I the only one not thinking that Vybz didn’t even mean it in a homo way and just expressed his genuine admiration for MJ, some of these comments still!”come and tell me Kartel write that caption,” one fan wrote while Kartel clap back saying, “Why? cause you f*** man?”

See Vybz Kartel post below: