Buju Banton has officially decided to retire his notorious anti-gay song “Boom Bye Bye.”

The song was notably absent in Buju Banton’s repertoire in his Long Walk To Freedom concert last week. According to Urban Islandz it was also omitted from his parties over the weekend as DJs were warned not to play the song.

Buju Banton has formally issued a statement saying that the song will be removed from all platforms under his control and will no longer be performed.

See statement below:

According to Urban Islandz, the statement was issued after a gay rights group in Germany started pressuring Summerjam’s promoters to remove Buju from the show. The gay rights group, KLuST (Kölner Lesben- und Schwulentag e.V.), has now backed down from its demands amidst Buju Banton’s new statement.