Megan Thee Stallion recently made waves on the Internet with her “Big Ole Freak” challenge and it looks like it has caught the eye of Mr. Steal Your Girl. On Thursday (March 28), Trey Songz took to Twitter and attempted to shoot his shot at the H-town Hottie.

As soon as Trigga sent out his tweet, his mentions were flooded with Megan’s protective hotties, users who wanted to see the R&B singer shoot and score, others who felt he was too eager and people who were just enjoying the discourse.

Eventually, the commotion the “Jupiter Love” singer caused made its way to Thee Stallion herself and while she didn’t outwardly reject Trigga Trey, she didn’t welcome his advances either.

Despite Megan’s cryptic tweet, the 34-year-old singer clearly feels like he’s capable of “driving the boat,” as he later replied to the 24-year-old rapper’s tweet challenging her reply.