As of 11:59 last night, Vincentian singer/songwriter, Problem Child released his very first album, “Problem Is A Problem,” on all digital platforms worldwide.

The debut album contains 17 songs – a compilation of unreleased songs, hit songs and previously released tracks that just did not receive the love they deserved. The album artwork features Problem Child bare-chested and bare feet in a dazzling white suit and bucket hat.

According to Problem Child, releasing an album was on his bucket list of achievements, but first he had to explore the mechanics behind such an undertaking. He believes that every artist, who is serious about their craft, should put out at least one album as a part of their legacy.

Now, that his first album has broken ground, Problem Child will begin working on next year’s album very soon. Soca lovers and fans alike can now expect annual album releases from the Party Animal artist, featuring all brand new tracks. When it comes to Vincy Mas, however, the Middle of Something artist admits that his involvement is up in the air as he is currently undecided on whether he will be contributing any songs to this year’s festivities.

Problem Child recently wrapped up a tour in the Emirates as part of the “Soca On The Seas” cruise, for which he was contracted. He visited and performed in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain & Dubai.

Check out Problem Child’s full album below: