Amateur MMA fighter Joyce Vieira has made headlines after she beat up a man she alleged was publicly masturbating over her and her friend. Speaking with newspaper Metrópoles, she said the man, Josenei Ferreira Viana, was “groaning” and masturbating. She added that she approached him and asked him to stop, but he continued to masturbate so she proceeded to punch and kick him.

In the pictures seen below, the 27-year-old fighter can be seen intimdating the man until he left. Upon his arrest, Viana said that he was slimply urinating. Vieira, meanwhile, alleged that when she asked him to stop, he responded by saying, “Why, don’t you like it? Come here.”

The man has since been released, and understandably Vieira isn’t happy about it. “We feel powerless. It’s very strange because he’s going to be in the same city as me, and who knows he might be in the same places,” she told the New York Post. “That’s why I have received an innumerable number of messages from women saying that (in similar situations) they didn’t file a report, because they know the suspects would end up being released. I think the punishment for these cases should be more severe.”

The case against Viana is still ongoing.

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