Trinidad & Tobago Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith was forced to issue an apology to Buju Banton and his team after the Trinidad & Tobago Police raided Buju Banton’s hotel room on Saturday with a search warrant. Griffith admitted that the embarrassing incident was a result of poor procedure and could have caused a rift between Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica.

Griffith is now being criticized for appearing onstage alongside Buju Banton at his “I Am Legend” concert on Sunday. However, in an issued statement, Griffith states that he accepted Buju’s invitation to come onstage in an effort to quell the ongoing unrest between the two countries, as a result of the raid.

‘To those who do not understand the acceptance of responsibility and patriotism, had I not done this, relations between both countries could have been severely affected; possible boycotts of our products and other private sector sanctions were also on the table.”

He also stated that he did what needed to be done.

“If my actions affected some but it helped bridge the gap between our country and a close ally Jamaica, then I feel sorry for those who I may have hurt, however, I did what was needed to be done. In fact, I did not put myself on stage; Buju requested it.”