Soca fans and fetters are being asked to be on the look out for thirty-five year old Atiba Franklyn better known as “Showerz”. He was last seen in the company of Keith “ Grabba Finesse” Charles who has been assisting him in pursuit of getting every party wet!

On the 23rd of May 2019, Showerz released a musical warning titled Madman. Since the release of the track the first 24 hours have seen thousands clamouring to YouTube and have even taken to the streets after being inhibited by the infectious beat and lyrical content which epitomises the “madman” syndrome which includes unruly behaviour, extreme fetting, and have even seen some of the infected dancing around and even running through fire!

Originally from the usually quiet village of Diamonds, Franklyn has been seen getting acquainted and influencing fetters around the island, he has caused road blocks in Greiggs with his accomplices Unruly Gennaside family and in Victoria Village where he partnered with board house setting the streets ablaze, and later taking to the airwaves where the “i issa kinda mad man” chant has been kept on constant rotation.

If seen please approach subject with caution, secure all stages, barricades, microphones, sound systems and any identifiable party apparatuses. You can contact your favourite radio stations to get more information about Atiba “Showerz” Franklyn and the Madman. You have been warned!
-ZJ Powerz

Click here to check out “Mad Man.”