T.I. took to Instagram Thursday (June 6) to blast the media for its coverage of his sister’s death, particularly TMZ.

The Grammy award-winning artist and activist recently laid his older sister, Precious Harris, to rest. The 66-year-old was reportedly taken off life support after falling unconscious at the wheel while driving the rapper’s Dodge Avenger. The vehicle veered off the road and hit a telephone pole.

However, TMZ reported the Fulton County medical examiner found cocaine in Precious’ system, setting off a ripple effect of internal complications. It didn’t take long for T.I. to get wind of the story and offer an emotional rebuttal.

“Y’all been profiting off of people pain,” T.I. said. “Y’all are putting information out there that really disrupts their grieving process. But for the most part, what we do is, we look the other way. You know why? because those people are celebrities. Ain’t nobody feel sorry for celebrities they rich. They live the life that they want, they live the way that nobody else can live. Why should we feel sorry for them? Yeah, I get that.”

T.I.’s response to TMZ’s post caused the outlet to apologize, call their own reporting “wrong and inappropriate” and respectfully change the article into an obituary.