Usher has always been one to embrace fashion, but his latest new look might seem a little extreme for some as he’s just got a huge tattoo on the back of his head.

The tattoo, which starts half way down the back of his head and finishes in between his shoulders, is said to be inspired by ‘transformation’, as well as ‘sacred geometry’.

Artist Dillon Forte, who had the ‘pleasure’ of tattooing Usher, said the work was also influenced by ‘an ancient Berber talisman to mark the cardinal points in the sky and allow travelers to find their way across vast distances’.

Sure it might be huge, but the meaning behind the 40-year-old’s new tat sounds pretty cool. Posting a series of photos of him creating the tattoo, Dillon wrote on Instagram that it was ‘definitely an honour’ to work with Usher as he’s been listening to his music since he was about 11-years-old.


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