The Emmys might follow in the Oscars’ footsteps and go hostless. Fox and the Television Academy are considering leaving the show without a master of ceremonies after the success of the Oscars, according to Variety.

The Academy Awards ceremony was forced to do so following controversy around old remarks Kevin Hart made about the LGBT community. The comments, which were dug up on Twitter, led to a back-and-Firth where it was unclear whether Hart would host the show before he ultimately stepped down. Other annual awards ceremonies couldn’t help but notice how well it worked, however, and they appear to be weighing the option of ducking any potential controversy that might crop up.

This year would be the first hostless Emmys since 2003 if the organizers do go through with it. Variety added that Fox doesn’t have a late-night host to call upon in the way that NBC, ABC and CBS do.

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