We’ve just come down off the high of watching an amazing cast of artists shell the Black Rave stage over the weekend and settling into our weekly routine when – BOOM – Fireman Hooper decides to crack his knuckles and hop up on Facebook to launch a public challenge at Skinny Fabulous.

In two Facebook posts, posted earlier today, Fireman demands that Skinny re-enter the soca monarch ring and face him, saying, “Don’t run.”
See posts below:

While Skinny has not responded to this challenge, he did post a video, on Instagram, where FAMALAY is heard blasting from the Toronto Raptors championship parade.
See video below:

Fireman Hooper’s fans and Skinny Fabulous’ fans, however, have been going at it on social media, with Fire fans agreeing that Skinny is indeed running from the competition while Skinny fans are saying that he has already proven himself and “Fireman could never…”

Fireman has since removed the post from Facebook.