O.J. Simpson’s Twitter account allegedly sent a series of menacing direct messages — including a string of 16 knife emojis and the warning that “I WILL FIND YOUR ASS AND CUT YOU” — to a parody account that skewers the disgraced football star over his acquittal in the 1994 slayings of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The shocking threats were contained in a pair of videos posted on the “@KillerOJSimpson” Twitter page on Monday, which also marked the 25th anniversary of the infamous slow-speed police chase of a white Ford Bronco that ended with Simpson’s arrest on murder charges.

Sources close to OJ say that the video posted online allegedly showing his twitter account send knife emoji’s and threaten to kill a parody account creator is a fake. According to them, “it’s obviously fake.”

As one source close to the Juice put it, “Look at the video, look very closely at it. I can’t deal with the laziness.”

To be fair, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious red flag in the video … but OJ’s team is adamant the video is not legit.

See video below: