Agent Sasco doesn’t play when it comes unto his family.

While the international recording artiste is always staying clear from controversy, Sasco had to check a Dancehall fan earlier this week for disrespecting his wife Nicole McLaren-Campbell.

The “Winning Right Now” singer delivered a classy yet spicy clap back after a social media user theorised that Agent Sasco found her annoying.

“I feel like Agent Sasco tell you, you talk too much multiple times a month. lol like damn shhhh,” they wrote to which Sasco responded by saying, “You talk too much!.”

While the comment was deleted shortly after, several Dancehall and Reggae fans lauded the entertainer for defending his wife. “That is right King, defend your Queen,” one user wrote.

“Yo Agent Sasco nuh really inna the mixup eno suh when you see him comment you know seh it well serious unu need fi mind unu business more time,” another fan added.
-The Tropix