Following the release of his carnival hit “Contraband”, local singer, songwriter, and producer Kemuel “Karbon Jamz” Stapleton has received a major endorsement from an international marijuana company.

The budding soca artiste has signed his song to Acres Agricultural Canada corporation, as part of their marketing and advertising campaign.

Acres Agri SVG is a cannabis company that has been training people locally on basic cannabis technology and has conducted scientific testing of local strains of marijuana.

Contraband, which was self-produced by Stapleton and co-written by Vinton “Hunta Flow” Ollivierre, engineered by Rodney “chemical x” Caruth, speaks to the issue of marijuana consumption, has been in rotation on local radio stations and has been receiving rave reviews on social media.

Stapleton said that he wrote the song because as a songwriter, it is important to speak about important issues that are current and trending throughout his society.

“I highly believe that we as a people have grown out of the stigmas and negative energies that was once originally attached to the marijuana plant and we now exist in an era where we know what’s good and bad about the crop and can use that knowledge to our advantage to advance ourselves as a people economically and spiritually through the production of the marijuana plant responsibly for both medicinal and recreational use. It is time to completely free up the herb and add it to our catalog of top-notch production from this land. We’re small but our products are big, from our pepper sauces to our designers, musicians, athletics and entrepreneur and our marijuana.”

Although Stapleton has only been in the soca industry for four years he already has created an impact and is a force to be reckoned with on his own in the industry.

His 2019 catalog of released included the Jumbo pack riddim which features the hit track “Rum Cheaper than Woman” by Chewalee and “SHAKE IT DOWN” performed by Fireman Hooper.

Stapleton can be found on Instagram by following the handles karbon_jamz, on Facebook- Karbon Jamz and on YouTube – Karbon Jamz.
– Press Release