After years of watching her daughter dominate the charts worldwide, Carol Maraj is getting her piece of the pie. Nicki Minaj’s mother announced on Instagram earlier today that she is preparing to release new music. “I am so excited to share with you new music coming soon,” Maraj wrote. “Swipe for a sneak peek of what’s to come. Sending you love and light today ❤️ – Mama Carol #whatmakesyou #1luvmusic.”

She shared just a snippet of her song with fans and Mama Carol doesn’t sound bad at all. It’s a dance track where Maraj exercises her impressive vocal abilities in what sounds like a love song. “You love me like no one else / You just want me for yourself,” Maraj sings. She didn’t share when or if a full album is in the works, but it’s expected that Maraj will have the full support of her daughter behind her.

Drake’s father Dennis Graham even commented, “Congratulations Carol do your own thing honey regardless of the haters.”