The Chicago police brought the Jussie Smollett saga back to the forefront of everyone’s mind by releasing nearly 70 hours of footage and a ton of files connected to his alleged attack, but believed hoax, in January.

Body cam footage showed officers arriving at Smollett’s home in January, escorted inside by manager Frank Gaston, and finding Smollett still with a rope around his neck. He alerted officers he wanted to take off the noose but not until it was seen.
After charges were dismissed, a special counsel was asked to reopen the case with the possibility of filing new charges. Since the case’s dismissal, the show, EMPIRE, where Smollett is a co-star, revealed they are entering their final season. Smollett will not return to close out the historic FOX show. Smollett has recently returned to social media to celebrate his birthday and Juneteenth, while also spreading messages about Sudan.

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