Beenie Man is letting the world know that he is no deadbeat dad.

Dancehall Queen Carlene may have struck a nerve, with her recent social media rant in which she asserted that her baby daddy Beenie Man, who was not in attendance at their teenage daughter Crystal Davis’ graduation, is a deadbeat father. Since that post, The Doctor has been making a concerted effort to keep fans in the loop about the progress and accomplishments of his younger children.
“My daughter Maiya and her team copped a National Gold medal at this year’s JCDC Festival of the Arts,” Beenie Man posted on Instagram on Sunday along, with a photo of the smiling child. “I am so proud of you baby girl. You were always a star but now you have the trophy and medal to prove it.”
But while many viewers posted congratulatory messages, others chose to make a mockery of the self-proclaimed Old Dawg.

“This fine foot man full up a pickney sah,” justice posted. Another fan wrote, “Jesus, a so much pickney him have…smh.”

But some fans came out in robust defense of the artiste, while others both congratulated and chided the artiste for what they deemed as him having too many children.
-Urban Islandz

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