Busy Signal is alive and well but feeling some pain from a motorcycle crash in Columbia.

On Sunday the artiste posted a video showing off a massive new surface- wound on his right arm, and a smaller one on his left, which resulted from what is speculated to be a motorcycle mishap, which had just taken place, moments before, somewhere in Colombia. “It no cut deep, so it naw bleed,” one man is heard saying in the background, at the start of the video, while Busy Signal sits on a bench looking on.
“A dem sittn yah a gwaan,” Busy said as he looked into the camera. “Rough a road, Columbia. See I get nice help from beautiful lady right here; nice help from di boss dem,” he said, while pointing to a lady who sat close by and a man who was walking by.

The artiste who was in good spirit laughed and joked for a few seconds before walking away. “Could be worst– Jah know Give thanks always…” he captioned the post.
-Urban Islandz

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