The New Yorker and New York Times’ 2017 bombshell reports about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct sparked an unprecedented movement. Many entertainment figures, most whom were women, began sharing stories about the alleged abuse they endured at the hands of men in Hollywood. This movement, dubbed #MeToo, inspired Terry Crews to go public with his own accusations.

The 50-year-old actor claimed William Morris agent Adam Venit had sexually assaulted him a party in 2016; however, Crews said he didn’t initially report the incident to authorities because he feared no one would believe him. So, he tried to handle the situation behind closed doors.

“I did come forward right away. I went right to the agency where this man worked and told everybody,” he said at the 25th annual Essence Festival on Friday. “I didn’t go public right away. I gave them time to rectify the situation. I wanted them to get rid of this man […] This was pre-Me Too. If I would have gone to the police, I would have been laughed out of the precinct. This was also a time when people believed that you as a man couldn’t be sexually assaulted. It was impossible to get anyone to believe.”

Crews opened up about his experience during a panel discussion called Breaking of Silence to Heal Our Communities. He was joined on stage by R. Kelly’s alleged victim Asante McGee as well as his wife, Rebecca King Crews.

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