An Instagram joker turned rapper who filmed himself stealing food and live-streamed himself having sex, has had his jaw broken after a suspected prank gone wrong.

Boonk Gang, known in the rap game as John Gabbana, says if anyone asks he “walked into a wall” as footage emerged of him being socked in the jaw by a much smaller man.

The footage shows Boonk approaching a group of men, although their conversation can’t be heard, the exchange seems fairly harmless as Boonk and one of the men shrug at each-other

However, a third man – hidden from view and standing about a head shorter than the rest of the group – suddenly punches Boonk in the side of his face, the rapper’s head snaps backwards and he quickly runs away, clutching his jaw in pain.

The girl filming the video shouts in shock: “Damn, fool got rocked” followed by, “damn what the f***k?”

The video surfaced after Boonk uploaded a post to his Instagram page captioned: “Broken jaw on both sides, surgery 7:30am.

“Pray for me, love you guys !!

“Gotta show them even when I’m down I’m still happy and oh if anyone ask.. I ran into a wall.”
-The Sun

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