Beenie Man issues a stinging response to his ex-lover, Carlene Smith, after he was accused of being a dead-beat father by fans when the former Dancehall Queen hinted that deejay was not involved in their daughter’s latest education achievement.

Beenie Man’s response was made a week after a video started making rounds on social media of Carlene expressing that only family members and close family friends supported her daughter’s educational journey.
In the video, she also disclosed that Crystal, a daughter she shares with Beenie Man, had no help from her father.

The first response has been made to the claim was posting a picture with his ex-wife D’Angel and son Marco-Dead at his prep school graduation.

“Congratulations to My Son on his Graduation. 🙏,” he captioned a photo of himself, D’Angel and their son, Marco-Dean on Instagram.

Hours later, Beenie Man reposted a video which was originally posted by D’Angel.
He captioned his post saying, “This is when the parents put the child first and not themselves. @dangelmusic appreciate you every time.”

In the video, he says, “See mi ex-wife here” as he pulled her towards him for a friendly hug. She also proudly says “Mi haffi support him to the end” about his son Marco-Dean.
-Hype Life Magazine