In what was likely driven by a combination of families, scorched summer movie goers looking for some AC, and millennials looking for a ’90s nostalgia fix, Disney’s The Lion King reboot is set to bring in an estimated $192 million by the end of it’s soon-to-wrap opening weekend. According to Deadline, this massive figure will give the Jon Favreau-helmed pic the new July record for a domestic opening, launching it past Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which brought in $169.1 million back in 2011.

Breaking it down even further, The Lion King’s box office total includes its Thursday debut (which brought it $23 million). From there, it earned $78.5 million more on Friday, and $61.6 million on Saturday. Worldwide, the film has already earned a whopping $531 million worldwide. The opening is one of the top-10 of all time, and Walt Disney Pictures’ biggest opening ever.
– Complex

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