TMZ posted up a picture of Fabolous out on a date with a woman who wasn’t his girlfriend and baby’s mother, Emily B, reporting that the longtime couple has split. But the Brooklyn rapper hopped on Instagram to say that’s cap.

“We are a couple working on our relationship. That @tmz story & blogs are LIES,” he wrote on IG.

The 41-year-old rapper continued, “These blogs are making fake stories & breaking up families. Complicating people’s lives for a story!! For some clicks. @tmztv_ ran a baseless story with no confirmations from me or @emilyb_ I LOVE EMILY B. ❤️”

He even took it up a notch and threatened to take legal action claiming the story is a “defamation” of his character. T.I. corrected his typo in the comments section but we all knew what the veteran rapper meant. Emily has yet to publicly respond.