Back in 2015 Blac Chyna was reportedly dating ‘Mask Off’ rapper Future and even had his name tattooed on her hand – but her mum Tokyo Toni has now appeared to claim he told Blac Chyna to have an abortion.

Tokyo Toni reportedly created a new Instagram account and went live, speaking about her daughter before posting a picture of Blac Chyna and Future alongside an allegation about a previously unknown abortion.
The caption on the post said, ‘Now!!! I’m done!!! @future I held this in long enough. Yes I know the abortion that my daughter had just before dream kardashian.’

Calling her daughter out, Blac Chyna’s mum allegedly went on to say, ‘Oh you know what an idiot this b** is that’s why you didn’t want the baby. Oh I flew out when you flew out to tell her not to have that motherfucking baby. Unfortunately that was my grandchild that you and her decided to get rid of.’

Neither Future nor Blac Chyna have addressed the claims and have remained silent on the topic of the alleged abortion. Following the shock claims, Tokyo Toni’s main Instagram account and the newly created one were deleted.
-Capital FM