The Unruly Boss Popcaan has joined Bounty Killer in calling for artistes to be able to use Jamaican expletives, such as ‘Bumbocl**t’ onstage.

The St. Thomas deejay posted a short video of himself and Drake performing at OVO Fest in Canada this week. At the end of his stint singing “Only Man She Want,” Popcaan told the audience to say ‘Bumbocl**t, which they happily belted out. Bounty Killer had complained on the weekend that Jamaicans were prohibited from using the terms publicly, while foreigners were using the word to their economic benefit.

Many Jamaicans who use the terms are unaware that in the days of chattel slavery in Jamaica and up to the mid-1900s, Bumbo was a term used for the buttocks, and, combined with the word cloth, was used to describe strips of old cloth used by slaves at the latrine, before the invention of commercial toilet paper. The term was often used interchangeably with pu**y cl**t and raas cloths, which historically are all synonyms for strips of cloth used as sanitary napkins by menstruating women in the days of slavery.