Kim Kardashian has been in the thick of legal proceedings with regards to her Kimojis. The legal war ensued after Kim’s former partner accused the reality television star and businesswoman of stealing ideas linked to the Kimojis. She launched the Kimoji app a few years ago, featuring emojis of her entire family based on their reality show. Court documents acquired by The Blast confirmed that Kardashian West’s former partner David Liebensohn had motioned to sue the starlet. And now, the same news outlet reports that the federal case will be dropped against Kim K.

Accordingly, the lawsuit was motioned to arbitration where legal matters are made private and kept sealed from the public. Kim Kardashian has been adamant about having the lawsuit mentioned publicly as she believed it could potentially cause serious financial harm to her business. In fact, she asked for the case to be either dismissed or moved to arbitration ASAP. Luckily for her, it now has. Hence, for now, the reality star can safely keep her $300 million dollars while the matter is handled privately. This accounts for a small win for Kim who is still under fire for naming her upcoming shapewear line Kimono.