Chris Brown has dethroned Michael Jackson as the King of Pop, according to 50 Cent.

On Saturday, the hip-hop mogul took to social media to highlight Brown’s impressive record sales: The message appeared to be a screenshot of a tweet that read in part: “@chrisbrown has now sold 69.5M singles in the US, making him the 7th best selling singles artist of all time.”

Fif captioned the image with a bold statement, declaring Brown a better artist than Jackson. He also made a reference to the latter’s longstanding molestation allegations because, well, that’s just what 50 does.

“CB better then MJ to me now,” he wrote. “🤔I can’t believe mike wanted to touch the little boys booty.🤦‍♂️what the fuck man.”

The post, which has since been deleted on Instagram but remains up on Twitter, drew polarizing reactions. Some followers co-signed the statement, while others criticized 50 for taking a shot at the late artist.