It has been confirmed that R.Kelly has opted to have “a poor attitude” while behind bars. The artist, who is incarcerated at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago for a long list of charges, has refused to take in a cellmate for a surprising reason.
According to prison records obtained by The Chicago Tribune, the star who is locked up in the housing unit was asked to take a cellmate and he refused by saying, “I was told I didn’t have to take a cellie, and I have too much going on to worry about the incident report.”
It was also revealed that Kelly had a “poor attitude” about the request and he was therefore written up.
According to Kelly’s attorneys, the disgraced singer has been unfairly targeted by the legal system because of his celebrity status and the nature of the charges filed against him, and he has reportedly requested to be released from solitary confinement in anticipation of his trial.
The R&B legend has been held in strict conditions for some time now, although this is reportedly normal in cases involving accusations of child molestation.
The reason has nothing to do with discrimination, but it is instead a move designed to help the accused themselves evade some serious repercussions, such as being targeted by their fellow inmates once they discover the nature of their alleged crimes.
-Celebrity Insider

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