Jerry Springer is turning in his talk show mic for a gavel. After 27 seasons, The Jerry Springer Show will come to an end. Springer will be using his J.D. degree from Northwestern University, his experience at two different law firms and all the work he has down in politics to launch his new show, Judge Jerry which is slated to go into syndication shortly across the country.

“I was getting ready to stop because we’d been doing it for 27 years… it was time to wind it down. Then [NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution’s EVP & General Sales Manager] Sean O’Boyle came in to the office about a month before we stopped taping and said, ‘I’ve got this idea; you’re a lawyer, why don’t we do Judge Jerry’. Just like that. It does roll off the tongue. I can see from a television point of view why that makes sense. It’s a daytime audience, it’s conflict, it’s my background, so I could see it,” he said to Deadline.

He continued saying, “We’re in every market in America. We never in our heyday were in 209 markets. I think it’s because it makes sense, it’s not a stretch. On most stations, they’re running both shows. Now what ticks me off is there’s going to be a few hours where I’m not going to be on. I think we need all Jerry, all the time.”

Judge Jerry is a hot show for those who stay home and watch tv all day… or those who cheat while they are in the office. The new show has beat his previous self-titled show in the major markets and has been sold into “every syndication market in the U.S.”