After his divorce to Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon is no longer interested in exchanging vows with a woman for the remainder of his life. He was a guest on the most recent episode of T.I.’s podcast ExpediTIously where he explained why he’s not getting down on one knee anytime soon. “The reason why we split up, it had nothing to do with infidelity or anything like that,” said Cannon about his ex-wife. “But I knew I would never get married again once I stepped away from that. That construct is not designed for me. I gave it my all because, even before that, I didn’t believe in marriage but shit, it was Mariah Carey. Whatever she say, I’m with it! If I’ma marry somebody, I’ma marry her.”

When the topic of polyamorous dating came up, Nick admitted that he respects that concept but that he wants to be by myself forever. “I got ‘lonesome’ tattooed on my neck, I’m good,” he said.

Check it out in the video below: