Back in July, Young Dro was arrested for hitting his girlfriend with a plate of banana pudding, now he has been sentenced to 12 months behind bars.

TMZ details the “Rubberband Banks” rapper pled guilty to 1 count of battery/family violence and received his sentence. Fortunately for Dro, he will only have to serve 70 days of the sentence.

Of that 70 days, Dro will receive credit for time served for 20 days. As long as he has good behavior, he will receive an extra day credit as the days go by. Long story short, if he keeps a chill persona inside he could be out by October 5.

But once Dro is out, he will have to serve probation for there remainder of his 12-month sentence and submit a drug/alcohol test after being out for 30 days. The last part of his plea agreement is for domestic violence counseling, that also restricts the use of drugs and alcohol, which will be monitored through random drug tests.

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