Ciara is celebrating 15 years since the release of her multi-platinum selling debut, Goodies. To mark the anniversary, CiCi shared some behind-the-scenes details about the making of her breakthrough album, and how the project propelled her career.

“This Saturday marks the 15 yr [sic] anniversary of my debut album ‘Goodies.’ Having sold 5 million copies worldwide, my dream came true in every way with my debut,” she wrote on Instagram Thursday (Sept. 26). “I am so thankful for my musical journey and growth as an artist but also so humbled by your continued support!”

When speaking about “Goodies,” the album’s lead single, Ciara revealed that she immediately knew the song would be a game changer. “This is the one song that I know is going to put me on that map, that is going to changed my life,” she recalls thinking at the time. “The song came out and it was almost like watching the music board and it was moving without anyone touching it. It was the perfect way for me to meet my fans, the perfect way for me to start off my career, everything that wanted to happen and more happened in that moment.”

“Goodies” topped the Billboard singles charts for nearly two consecutive months. Later in the video, the “Level Up” singer goes on to discuss the album’s other singles, including the Grammy nominated hit “1, 2, Step” featuring Missy Elliott.

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