It’s no secret Tracee Ellis Ross is a hair icon (she gets it from her momma!), but now the actress is sharing her love and knowledge of haircare with the rest of the curly and textured hair community with her recently released her new haircare line, Pattern Beauty. Pattern Beauty, “as in pattern, our curl pattern,” Tracee explains, is tailored towards all curls, coils and tight textured hair ranging from 3b to 4c.

“20 years ago I started dreaming about these products because I wanted them, I felt like they didn’t exist,” Ellis Ross explains. In 2008, after Girlfriends finished, she wrote her first haircare line pitch. Quality sometimes takes time and that is definitely a testimony for Pattern Beauty as Tracee admits it’s taken her 10 years to make it happen. “To me curly, coily, and tight textures is about having key products, being in a community, loving your hair… and not trying do something that isn’t what your hair needs,” Ellis Ross exclaims.