The 20-year-old artist recently came out as gay this past June.
During a recent interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, Lil Nas X revealed that he used to pray that being gay was a phase and not his actual sexual orientation. The 20-year-old artist recently came out as gay this past June. He did so, in his hit single “c7osure,” with a tweet to accompany his revelation.

While he does admit that being open about his sexuality can help others struggling with coming to terms with their sexual orientation, he once found himself hoping it would be a phase. “I think it’s gonna always help, you know. We still have a long way to go, because it’s not like everybody is messing with me now…But I do believe it’s helping,’” he told King, adding that he knew from very early on that he was gay but didn’t want to accept it. He would always be, “praying…that it was, like, a phase…That it would go away.”

Still, he ended up speaking his truth though he planned and contemplated when he was going doing it.

“I really believe in signs and I started to see seven and nine a lot right around the time I was about to come out. I was originally going to do it at Pride because I saw a banner that said, ‘LA Pride, June 7 -9,’ and I was like, ‘Wow, there goes the numbers again.’ And then my sister ended up having her baby on the ninth, so nine became my number for family,” he told Paper.

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